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Disability-Based Bullying and Harassment: Investigation, Response, and Prevention
This course gives all school-based staff, including special and general education teachers, best practices to recognize, respond to, and prevent bullying and harassment of students with disabilities – so you can promote positive change and a safe learning environment.

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Home Instruction and Homebound Services: Legal Requirements for Serving Students With Disabilities
Home instruction (a special education placement) and homebound services (for any student unable to attend school due to a temporary illness or injury) are two different types of programs with vastly different requirements for eligibility and programming.

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Responding to Dangerous Conduct by Students With Disabilities: A School District Guide to Legal Requirements
When can you remove a student with a disability who is exhibiting dangerous or potentially criminal misconduct?

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Section 504 Eligible: What Now?
Determining appropriate Section 504 eligibility is only one aspect of complying with this civil rights law.

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Section 504: Determining Appropriate Eligibility
Although Section 504 was enacted more than 20 years ago, districts continue to struggle with Section 504 eligibility decisions.

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The ADA Amendments Act: What It Means for Section 504 in Your School
This course provides educators with fundamental legal knowledge of how the ADAAA impacts Section 504 and students with disabilities — so you can make sound Section 504 eligibility and policy decisions based on your new requirements.

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