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Autism and IDEA Essentials: A Legal Guide for Educators
Gain a solid foundation in your district’s IDEA obligations — and be confident you know how to provide FAPE to each child with autism.

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Autism and One-to-One Aides: A Practical Guide for Educators
Empower your staff to address almost any issue involving one-to-one aides for children with autism and communicate effectively with their parents.

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Autism and Positive Behavioral Intervention Strategies
This course explains Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies for students with autism spectrum disorders as an easy-to-understand three-step process.

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Autism and the IDEA: Eligibility and Evaluations
Autism and the IDEA: eligibility and evaluations covers IDEA autism eligibility and the substantive and procedural rules for evaluations — including gathering relevant information, administering assessments, using existing data, obtaining consent, and providing prior written notice.

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Autism and the IEP: Planning, Execution and Delivery
This course is designed to provide practical guidance on carrying out each critical stage of the IEP process for students with autism.

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Autism and the IEP: Understanding the IDEA's Content Requirements
This course provides a clear explanation of the IDEA's IEP content requirements as they particularly apply to children on the autism spectrum — helping you eliminate language that can lead to denial of FAPE.

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