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Addressing Students' Executive Functioning Deficits to Meet Core State Standards Aligning Instruction and IEPs to Essential State Standards for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities
Price: $29.50
Price: $44.95
The college- and career-ready core standards that states have adopted require strong executive functioning skills — skills in which students with disabilities often exhibit deficits. How can you support learning goals in core-aligned lessons while meeting students’ needs in their daily living, functional and adaptive skills?
Assistive Technology in Special Education: Identifying Student Needs, Responding to Parent Requests, and Other Compliance Issues Common Core and the Special Education Student: Your Guide to Instructional Shifts and Implementing Services and Supports
Price: $29.50
Price: $42.95
The increasingly technology-driven school environment presents a myriad of never-before-seen legal issues. Get all the hands-on guidance and staff development tools you need in this comprehensive resource on the Common Core -- written specifically for special educators!
Compensatory Education Companion: Your Guide for Legal Compliance and Implementation Strategies Fostering Meaningful Parent-School Partnerships at Every IEP Team Meeting
Price: $28.65
Price: $30.95
With an explanation of the legal framework of compensatory education plus practical guidance for developing appropriate service plans, this is the must-have tool for every administrator and IEP team member! Here is the ideal training tool to help new and veteran IEP team members and leaders develop crucial “soft skills” to facilitate communication, cultivate positive relationships and resolve conflict.
IDEA & Joint Custody: Your School District's Obligations to Each Parent IEP Goals that Make a Difference: An Administrator's Guide to Improving the Process
Price: $29.75
Price: $31.95
Special education law attorney Isabel Machado clarifies these issues and more, explaining the rights of divorced, separated or never-married parents and your district's obligations to them under the IDEA -- so you're prepared to handle issues that arise when parents disagree about their child's services. Here’s your “train the trainer” guide to improving IEP goal writing in your district — the only guide written from the administrator’s perspective.
IEPs That Succeed: Developing Legally Compliant Programs - Second Edition Leading Successful IEP Teams: A Guide to Managing the People and the Process
Price: $36.25
Price: $37.95
From determining who to include in the team meeting to implementing the resulting program, your IEP team members go step by step through the entire IEP process. Written by an expert in the field, this comprehensive guide gives you essential tools for facilitating effective IEP meetings.
Legally Speaking: A Staff Training Guide for Communicating With Parents and Avoiding Conflicts in Special Education Placement Under the IDEA: Avoiding Predetermination and Other Legal Pitfalls
Price: $31.50
Price: $32.80
Drawing from her well-rounded experiences as an attorney, special education administrator, hearing officer and parent of children with special needs, Christina Sepiol guides you in clearly explaining your district’s current IDEA duties to parents, so they understand the legal basis for your decisions regarding their child. Disputes over educational placements under the IDEA are now commonplace, with allegations of predetermination and inappropriate placement frequently a part of IDEA actions.
Postsecondary Transition Services: An IDEA Compliance Guide for IEP Teams Successfully Implementing Core Standards for Students With Disabilities: A Professional Development Guide
Price: $30.95
Price: $46.25
Don’t risk denying FAPE to high-school aged students with disabilities! Introducing the first roadmap to guide you in launching or improving professional development around helping special education students achieve under your state's core standards!
Top IEP Missteps: How to Identify and Prevent the Most Frequent IEP Errors Transition to College and Career: Experienced-Based Strategies to Improve Readiness of Students With Disabilities
Price: $29.95
Price: $29.50
With extensive IDEA procedural and substantive requirements for IEPs, it’s not easy to ensure staff know the proper course of action. With decades of experience counseling high school and college students with disabilities, Vincent Varrassi takes you beyond what students “must know” to succeed after high school and leads you through how to guide students to that point through effective transition planning.
What Districts Need to Know About IDEA Parental Rights: A Legal Overview What Do I Do When...® The Answer Book on Individualized Education Programs -- Fourth Edition
Price: $28.50
Price: $52.45
This three-part legal companion gives you a clear understanding of what districts must do to help parents exercise their rights under the law -- not only defining each of the rights, but also providing ED and OSEP guidance along with key case summaries. To create compliant, educationally sound IEPs, your district needs to meet myriad IDEA requirements concerning both the document and the process — from meeting format to measurable annual goals, and from behavioral intervention plans to IEP review and revision.
Write On! A Guide to Compliant Documentation of Special Education Policies and Procedures Your Big Picture, Real-Life Guide to the Entire IEP Process
Price: $42.95
Price: $35.95
With all of special education’s legal timelines, compliance mandates and communication requirements, documenting your actions is not only critical, it could be the deciding factor in whether you are properly serving a student with disabilities. From pre-referral to FAPE considerations, the process of special education referral, assessment, eligibility and IEP development is cumbersome and filled with legal requirements you have to meet.