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(2015) 36th National Institute Pre-Conference Symposium 4 - Serving the Needs of Students With High-Functioning Autism: Best Practices and Defensible Programs (2016) 37th National Institute Pre-Conference Symposium 4 - Increasing Post-High School Employment for Students With Autism: The Social Skills That Managers Seek and How to Teach Them
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Serving the needs of students with high-functioning autism can be challenging and sometimes contentious. Schools must assume an increasing role in preparing students with Autism Spectrum Disorders for a variety of work settings.
Roles and Responsibilities for BCBAs in Schools: When They’re Needed, How to Use Them
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Now that insurance companies have agreed to pay for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) provided by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), demand for these services will only continue to grow — and school leaders must get ahead of this issue and be proactive in addressing parent concerns.