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Academic and Behavioral Interventions That Work for Students With Autism Anxiety Disorders in the Classroom: An Action Plan for Identification, Evaluation and Intervention
Price: $28.50
Price: $26.45
With so many issues surrounding how you serve the skyrocketing number of students with autism – budget constraints, parent expectations, potential litigation – you need to make sure you get it right. You and your staff learn about the 8 most common types of student anxieties, from social anxiety and school phobia, to test anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and more.
Autism Case Law: A Desktop Reference to Key Decisions Autism Methodology Cases to Live By: Legal Guidance for Practical Program Strategies
Price: $41.75
Price: $36.95
This updated guide is the easiest way to expand your knowledge of all the related issues, including the recent focus on service animals and behavior management. Analysis of key cases shows you the essential lessons to be learned and turns them into useable strategies — helping you create a comprehensive autism program and select child-appropriate methodologies that are educationally sound and legally defensible.
Educating Students With Autism in the LRE: IDEA Rules and Decision Digest One-to-One Aides for Students With Autism: A Practical and Legal Guide
Price: $28.50
Price: $28.35
What is the LRE for a student with autism? Make a sound determination every time with guidance in this one-of-a-kind resource. Get all the guidance you need in this resource, combining explanations of your district's legal requirements, case summaries and valuable compliance strategies — so you can minimize the potential for IDEA litigation.
Positive Behavioral Intervention for Students With Autism: A Practical Guide to Avoiding the Legal Risks of Seclusion and Restraint Rising to Dyslexia Challenges Through Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: A Handbook for Schools
Price: $29.50
Price: $30.95
Schools’ use of seclusion and restraint evokes concerns about student safety from the Department of Education, Congress and parents – not to mention the national media. Introducing the first-of-its-kind, user-friendly handbook that will revolutionize your reading intervention and help you rescue students with dyslexia — and other struggling readers — using frameworks that may already be largely in place.
Serving Students With Severe and Multiple Disabilities: A Guide to Strategies for Successful Learning – Second Edition The Administrator's Guide to Building and Maintaining a Comprehensive Autism Program
Price: $48.95
Price: $37.95
With dozens of ready-to-use instructional tools and research-based practices, this is your step-by-step guide to planning and delivering a vibrant learning environment that engages students with severe and multiple disabilities and helps them attain meaningful academic and functional-life skills. Services and programming are fertile ground for disputes between districts and parents of students with autism due to complex student needs, costs and parents' high expectations.
Why Can't They Just Behave? A Guide to Managing Student Behavior Disorders - Second Edition
Price: $31.95
Designed as a hands-on reference guide for educators, Why Can't They Just Behave? details 7 distinct disorders, their causes, characteristics and specific interventions — so you fully understand individual students' needs and implement effective education programs for them.