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$afety Cents in the Federal Workforce: Prevent Employee Injuries and Reduce Workers' Comp Costs Federal Workers' Compensation Desk Book -- Second Edition
Price: $26.95
Price: $59.95
The best way to reduce your agency’s workers’ comp costs is to prevent workplace injuries from happening. Finally, one resource for quick answers to your everyday questions on the federal workers’ comp process.
Managing the Federal Workers' Compensation Process: Your Essential Desk Reference Maximizing Return to Work in the Federal Sector: How to Design, Implement and Maintain a Successful Program
Price: $32.95
Price: $27.25
Take the direct route to higher employee productivity and retention — plus lower absenteeism, medical expenses and litigation. Developing an effective RTW program helps you get injured workers back on the job as quickly as possible -- cutting thousands of dollars in unnecessary workers' comp expenses.
The Shape of Things: The Rising Cost of Obesity on the Federal Workers' Comp System
Price: $26.79
Studies have shown that overweight and obese workers are more prone to workplace accidents then their slimmer counterparts and that their injuries take longer to heal.