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10 Essential People Skills for Today's Government Employee 8 More of the Biggest Employee and Labor Relations Challenges in the Federal Workplace - And How Managers Should Handle Them
Price: $14.45
Price: $31.50
This handy booklet is a fun, effective guide that shows government employees how to become an indispensable part of the public sector workforce. An employee’s productivity plummets.
Addressing Hostile Work Environment Claims: Your Agency's Q&A Guide Addressing Poor Performance in the Federal Workplace: A Guide for Managers
Price: $34.95
Price: $26.75
Awards against federal agencies in hostile work environment claims are huge. Are you next to pay? This 47-page pamphlet gives HR personnel and supervisors practical advice to manage poor performers and details how to use training, counseling and mentoring to help the employee improve.
Calming Irate Customers: 10 Tips for Government Employees EEO and Federal Managers: Following the Principles, Avoiding Complaints
Price: $14.95
Price: $32.50
You will always have angry customers. But knowing how to appease them can prevent a misunderstanding from turning into a catastrophe. EEO missteps can lead to complaints, expense and years of trouble.
Federal Sector FMLA: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions From Hygiene Problems to Stalking: Responding to Federal Employees Who Disrupt the Workplace
Price: $38.50
Price: $25.75
Handling employees' FMLA requests is complicated, but finding solid guidance -- quickly -- doesn't have to be. This comprehensive guide, written by Cynthia Field, explores a spectrum of employee behaviors - from offensive grooming to physical violence - that can disrupt your workplace and your staff’s productivity.
From the Experts to You: Straight Answers on Federal Leave Abuse Get to Know Your Federal EEO: From Counseling to the Courts
Price: $31.95
Price: $29.95
Know the right way to handle leave challenges, so your actions aren't overturned by the MSPB -- and learn it directly from the experts on federal leave: Barbara Haga, Marilyn Mattingly and Robin Wink. Get to Know Your Federal EEO lays out the entire EEO process in nontechnical terms -- ensuring you understand its origins, laws that apply and how they’re enforced, as well as the ins and outs of settlement.
How to Serve Tough Customers: Government Edition Insubordination in the Federal Workplace: What It Is, Why It Happens, How to Respond
Price: $23.45
Price: $29.95
With this 124-page workbook, government employees learn the skills they need to deal effectively with challenging situations on the phone and face-to-face. One act of insubordination can negatively impact the productivity and morale of your entire staff.
Know Your Role in the Federal Workers' Comp Process! A Guide for Managers Lead the Way! Building Effective Federal Supervisory Skills
Price: $25.95
Price: $25.75
The workers' compensation program is a complex system.  It involves the entire scope of HR management issues and, if not handled appropriately, can be expensive for the agency. Lead the Way! helps federal supervisors and managers enhance their leadership skills in 6 key areas: performance enhancement, communication, delegation and work assignment, time management, team building, and running effective meetings.
Making Crucial Federal Personnel Decisions With EEO in Mind Permissible or Prohibited? Guiding Employees Through Hatch Act Compliance
Price: $284.50
Price: $29.85
When it comes to personnel decisions, there's a fine line between permissible and inappropriate ... and crossing it could lead your agency into costly EEO complaints. This one-stop guide walks you through the law's maze of overlapping rules on what constitutes permissible and prohibited political activities, making it easy for you to provide accurate advice to employees and help them avoid violations -- especially critical with today's widespread use of social media.
Phone Fantastic! Telephone Tips for Government Employees The 7 Biggest Employee and Labor Relations Challenges in the Federal Workplace -- And How Managers Should Handle Them, 2nd Edition
Price: $14.95
Price: $31.95
Phone Fantastic! Telephone Tips for Government Employees is a fun, effective guide that will help your employees perfect their phone skills. It’s a daunting task these days … managing federal employee performance and discipline issues with ever-shrinking budgets and limited training opportunities.
The Complete Q&A Guide to Performance Management in the Federal Workplace The Federal Manager's Everyday Guide to FMLA
Price: $36.95
Price: $33.95
Here’s your quick-reference guide for whenever a performance management question comes up. With the FMLA’s latest changes plus new guidance to implement them, this practical guide should be your first stop every time an employee requests leave.
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