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2006 IDEA Final Part B Regulations: What You Need to Know A Legal Overview of Burden of Proof in Special Education Disputesties Under the IDEA
Price: $25.95
Price: $21.85
Get expert analysis of the 2006 IDEA final Part B regulations from two nationally recognized special education attorneys. Burden of proof is a complex and confusing issue. Determining which party – districts or parents – has the burden of proving their case in IDEA disputes has divided courts and hearings officers for years.
Athletics, Extracurricular Activities and Students with Disabilities: District Obligations Under the IDEA and Section 504 Avoiding Due Process: IDEA Compliance and Communication Strategies
Price: $28.50
Price: $250.00
This updated and expanded resource gives you comprehensive legal guidance concerning students with disabilities - including asthma and diabetes - who participate in athletics and extracurricular activities, with an emphasis on your district's requirements to provide an equal opportunity and an environment free from discrimination. In special education due process hearings, the stakes are high, the emotional toll is draining, and the corresponding attorney fee awards can prove staggering.
Developing New In-District Special Education Programs: Your Step-by-Step Compliance Guide Educating Students With Disabilities: An Analysis of Federal Law
Price: $30.50
Price: $395.00
Creating an in-district special education program can aid in complying with the IDEA's least restrictive environment mandate and help you use your budget most effectively. Every decision you make regarding how you serve students with disabilities needs to be viewed through the prism of law and case law.
Effective Strategies to Resolve Special Education Disputes Without Due Process Homebound Services Under the IDEA and Section 504: An Overview of Legal Issues -- Second Edition
Price: $27.25
Price: $32.75
Resolving disputes with parents before the due process stage can help you improve parent-district relations, reduce staff down time and save costly litigation fees — leaving more resources to devote to students’ educational needs. In the Second Edition, an experienced attorney explores the broad range of issues relating to homebound instruction under the IDEA and Section 504, using decisions to examine districts' legal obligations.
IDEA Due Process Survival Guide: A Step-by-Step Companion for Administrators and Attorneys Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act Training Series -- 6 DVD set
Price: $39.75
Price: $518.00
Real-life experts walk you through the entire IDEA due process procedure, explaining the roles of both the administrator and the school district attorney at every step. Save $50.00 on the complete set!
LRP Publications' School Law Briefings Making Sense of Stay-put: What the IDEA Requires, What the Courts Are Saying
Price: $210.00
Price: $33.45
LRP Publications’ School Law Briefings gives you easy-to-read summaries of the latest judicial decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal, federal district courts, and state courts from across the nation - so you know what actions land districts in court - and the mistakes to avoid. When does changing the location of a student's services constitute a change in educational placement? How can providing services not included in a child's IEP alter your stay-put obligations? Get the answers in this just-updated guide!
Managing Your Federal Education Funds Resolution Sessions and Mediation Under the IDEA: Settling Disputes Without Due Process Hearings
Price: $249.00
Price: $26.50
Creativity and Compliance. The two keys to spending your federal education funds. Written by a school district attorney, Resolution Sessions and Mediation Under the IDEA dissects the complex IDEA requirements affecting due process procedures and dispute resolution.
Restraint and Seclusion of Students With Disabilities: Understanding the Legal Risks School Districts' Guide to Postsecondary Transition for Students With Disabilities
Price: $29.50
Price: $26.95
Get a comprehensive education on all the legal issues surrounding the planned and unplanned use of restraint and seclusions for students with disabilities – so you can identify and avoid potential liability. Avoid disagreements with parents and stay on the right side of compliance with clear guidance on the IDEA’s procedural and substantive requirements for appropriate transition planning.
School Law Handbook School Superintendent's Insider®
Price: $295.00
Price: $245.00
This 2-volume set gives you a comprehensive analysis of major legal issues affecting elementary and secondary students, schools and staff. Walk the superintendent's tightrope safely every day!
Section 504 Compliance Advisor Section 504 Retaliation Claims: A Legal Overview
Price: $245.00
Price: $24.75
Discover best practices and expert advice to help you administer sound Section 504 policies, procedures and programs. This pamphlet provides an overview of Section 504 claims alleging school district retaliation against parents and students.
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