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(2015) 36th National Institute Pre-Conference Symposium 2 - Section 504: The Big Picture (2016) 37th National Institute Post-Conference Symposium 1 -Section 504: Critical Compliance Issues and Updates
Price: $145.00
Price: $125.00
A must for anyone wanting to understand Section 504! These materials provide an overview of Section 504 and a complete picture of the Section 504 FAPE process, from child find and eligibility, to creation of the Section 504 plan. Get an in-depth review of Section 504 requirements and case law trends, plus an attorney’s practical tips for improving your district’s Section 504 procedures.
(2017) 38th National Institute Post-Conference Symposium 1 - Preparing for Challenging and Litigious IEP Meetings Abuse and Neglect of Students With Disabilities: How to Spot the Signs and Take Effective Action
Price: $125.00
Price: $29.75
Consultant and Special Education Director Larry Brunson walks you through steps to take before, during and after the meeting to diffuse challenging situations and ensure positive student outcomes. The ideal training tool for district administrators, teachers, aides and related services providers!
Accommodating Students With Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities: Steps for Legal Compliance Assistive Technology in Special Education: Identifying Student Needs, Responding to Parent Requests, and Other Compliance Issues
Price: $30.45
Price: $29.50
From child find to field trips … meet your duties to avoid discrimination, provide FAPE and keep students safe. The increasingly technology-driven school environment presents a myriad of never-before-seen legal issues.
Bullying of and by Students With Disabilities: Emerging IDEA and Section 504 Issues Charter School Special Education Compliance Advisor
Price: $250.00
Price: $245.00
Bullying of and by students with disabilities has become an increasing subject of litigation against schools. Introducing your monthly roadmap to navigating all the complex legal requirements and administrative responsibilities specific to serving students with disabilities in your charter school.
Creating Compliant Section 504 Plans for Students With Severe Food Allergies, Diabetes and Other Medical Conditions Demystifying OCR: Strategies for Responding to Investigations
Price: $250.00
Price: $250.00
As the prevalence of children with allergies, chronic health conditions and special health care needs rises, so do the legal and practical challenges you and your staff face when meeting students’ needs at school and school-related activities. Office for Civil Rights (OCR) investigations can be resource-intensive, complicated and unpredictable. Get an insider’s view of the process straight from a former OCR enforcement attorney!
Determining Section 504 Eligibility: Establishing Criteria, Following Procedures Disability-Based Bullying and Harassment in the Schools: Legal Requirements for Identifying, Investigating and Responding
Price: $250.00
Price: $31.50
When navigating through eligibility criteria and requirements established by Section 504, special educators must consider various rules and details to carry out the process effectively. This just-updated and expanded guide uses the latest case law and U.S. Education Department guidance to explain your obligations for addressing and preventing disability-based harassment and bullying, and ensuring that bullied students continue to receive FAPE.
Disability-Based Bullying and Harassment: Investigation, Response, and Prevention Discipline Dilemmas: Your Guide to Avoiding the Top IDEA and Section 504 Mistakes
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Price: $28.65
This course gives all school-based staff, including special and general education teachers, best practices to recognize, respond to, and prevent bullying and harassment of students with disabilities – so you can promote positive change and a safe learning environment. You learn about the 10 discipline issues that pose the most difficulties for schools – and how you can avoid making discipline decisions that result in emotional, expensive litigation.
Educating Students With Disabilities: An Analysis of Federal Law Educating Students With Hearing and Visual Impairments: Navigating the Legal Issues
Price: $395.00
Price: $31.95
Every decision you make regarding how you serve students with disabilities needs to be viewed through the prism of law and case law. Avoid compliance missteps with this guide — packed with analysis of your legal requirements, commentary on existing and cases plus legal pitfalls unique to the education of students with hearing impairments, visual impairments and deaf-blindness.
Eligible or Not? Potential "Rule-Out" Factors Under the IDEA and Section 504 Ensure Access to Technology for All Students: Complying With Section 504 and ADA
Price: $250.00
Price: $33.25
Determining whether classroom or behavior problems stem from a potential disability, such as an emotional disturbance or merely from poor decision-making, continues to present significant dilemmas for school personnel tasked with assessing a student's eligibility under the IDEA or Section 504. Tackle your crucial role in technology implementation with confidence!
Evaluating and Serving Students With Medical Needs and Physical Impairments Under Section 504 Game On: Following OCR’s Guidance for Including Students With Disabilities in Athletics
Price: $250.00
Price: $250.00
Since the ADA was amended in 2008, OCR has identified two problems regarding Section 504 eligibility for students with medical needs due to physical impairments: 1) schools looking at eligibility only for students whose impairments impact the major life activity of learning; and 2) schools providing students with health plans when those students should have been referred to 504 instead. It’s time to play ball with the Office of Civil Rights and reexamine your efforts to accommodate students with disabilities in your athletic program.
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