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Abuse and Neglect of Students With Disabilities: How to Spot the Signs and Take Effective Action Disability-Based Bullying and Harassment in the Schools: Legal Requirements for Identifying, Investigating and Responding
Price: $29.75
Price: $31.50
The ideal training tool for district administrators, teachers, aides and related services providers! This just-updated and expanded guide uses the latest case law and U.S. Education Department guidance to explain your obligations for addressing and preventing disability-based harassment and bullying, and ensuring that bullied students continue to receive FAPE.
Emergency Planning and Crisis Response for K-12 Schools: Best Practices, Model Forms and Checklists Maintaining Safe Schools
Price: $36.95
Price: $239.00
This guide helps you reevaluate your existing policies and develop a current, comprehensive approach to emergency management. Maintaining Safe Schools is your complete resource for implementing effective safety policies, eliminating hazards and improving overall school climate — so students and staff can focus on learning.
Practical Strategies for Preventing and Responding to Bullying and Harassment in School Providing Teachers Tools for Safe Classrooms
Price: $29.95
Price: $99.95
Improve school climate – and ultimately student achievement – by taking a strong approach to bullying! Ensure your teachers are prepared to respond confidently and decisively in an emergency or escalating event.
Safety and Security Administration in School Facilities: Forms, Checklists and Guidelines - Third Edition School Safety Essentials Series
Price: $79.50
Price: $119.40
Safety and Security Administration in School Facilities helps you establish sound policies and procedures on drug testing, sexual harassment, hate crimes, searches and seizures, and other issues. This 12-booklet series, written by a team of school safety experts, delivers proven approaches and smart strategies to address a wide variety of school safety issues.
Searches, Seizures and Drug Testing Procedures: Balancing Rights and School Safety - Second Edition Student Discipline & School Safety: Administrator's Guide to Best Practices, Policies and Procedures
Price: $32.75
Price: $159.00
This authoritative resource examines reasonable student and employee searches and seizures — along with proper drug-testing protocol. From disruptive speech and cyberbullying, to drug use and threats of violence, Student Discipline & School Safety highlights concrete steps and tools for handling the critical disciplinary problems you encounter.
Student Searches: Practical Application for School Administrators When School Safety & Student Privacy Rights Collide: Determining a Compliant Response
Price: $99.95
Price: $250.00
Give your staff the confidence and knowledge to conduct effective — and legally sound — student searches. This 57-minute DVD trains your staff to perform safe searches, reduce personal and professional liability, and minimize parents‘ complaints alleging that a search was unwarranted and improperly conducted. When faced with a potential safety or health issue affecting your school, you often need to decide quickly whether to disclose personal information about a student – and accurate decision-making requires knowing when school safety concerns trump individual privacy rights. In this recorded 90-minute audio conference, attorney Daniel Osher explains the requirements of FERPA and other applicable laws to help you to determine when you can disclose information about a student to ensure others’ safety.