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Board & Administrator: School Edition Charter School Special Education Compliance Advisor
Price: $285.00
Price: $245.00
Each month, Board & Administrator focuses on helping you create a solid superintendent-board relationship. In 8 quick-read pages, the For Superintendents Only section gives you targeted guidance on fostering positive interactions with your board, teaching board members their proper role in the decision-making process, and keeping them focused on strategy and policy issues. Introducing your monthly roadmap to navigating all the complex legal requirements and administrative responsibilities specific to serving students with disabilities in your charter school.
Early Childhood Report IEP Team Trainer®
Price: $225.00
Price: $225.00
From increasing early literacy to pinpointing behavioral problems at an early age, and from boosting parental involvement to creating effective transition plans for preschoolers … Early Childhood Report gives you the practical guidance you need to develop the most effective programs for young learners with disabilities and serve their families. Each month, IEP Team Trainer® delivers all the tools you need to direct your district’s IEP mission — and ensure you create legally sound IEPs that meet your students’ educational, developmental and behavioral needs.
Individuals with Disabilities Education Law Report® LRP Publications' School Law Briefings
Price: $1,495.00
Price: $210.00
This loose-leaf reporter is the most up-to-date complete reference source for special education law. LRP Publications’ School Law Briefings gives you easy-to-read summaries of the latest judicial decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal, federal district courts, and state courts from across the nation - so you know what actions land districts in court - and the mistakes to avoid.
Maintaining Safe Schools Managing Your Federal Education Funds
Price: $239.00
Price: $249.00
Maintaining Safe Schools is your complete resource for implementing effective safety policies, eliminating hazards and improving overall school climate — so students and staff can focus on learning. Creativity and Compliance. The two keys to spending your federal education funds.
School Law Handbook School Superintendent's Insider®
Price: $295.00
Price: $245.00
This 2-volume set gives you a comprehensive analysis of major legal issues affecting elementary and secondary students, schools and staff. Walk the superintendent's tightrope safely every day!
Section 504 Compliance Advisor Section 504 Compliance Handbook
Price: $245.00
Price: $369.00
Discover best practices and expert advice to help you administer sound Section 504 policies, procedures and programs. Under Section 504, the definition of “disability” is constantly being refined, which can result in district and school staff unknowingly discriminating against people with disabilities.
Special Education Law Monthly Special Education Report
Price: $195.00
Price: $383.00
The best way to avoid costly legal disputes with students and parents is to know what practices landed uninformed districts in hot water. Special Education Report helps special educators ensure compliance with federal regulations, improve the quality and outcome of educational programs, and protect your sources of funding.
The Complete OSEP Handbook -- Second Edition The Special Educator®
Price: $265.00
Price: $315.00
The Second Edition provides a comprehensive look at policy rulings issued by the Department of Education's Office of Special Education Programs since the passage of the IDEA. Before you convene another IEP meeting ... write another behavior plan ... determine the LRE for another student ... take a look at The Special Educator® -- special educators’ most trusted source for 30+ years.
Title I Handbook Title I Monitor
Price: $419.00
Price: $319.00
New ESSA requirements, report cards, homeless students, school ranking … so many fiscal and programmatic requirements you should fulfill. Comprehensive, real-world coverage you just can’t get anywhere else!
Today's School Psychologist What Do I Do When...® The Answer Book on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Price: $225.00
Price: $235.00
Only Today’s School Psychologist gives you the practical and legal guidance to understand all aspects of educating, counseling and disciplining students, including those with disabilities. Get answers to more than 250 questions involving education-record management.