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31 Tips for Improving Residential Life 40 Practical Ways to Address Student Conduct
Price: $15.95
Price: $15.95
Binge drinking, harassment, overbooking, fire safety, violence…31 Tips for Improving Residential Life shows you the steps institutions are taking to solve these problems — so you can improve the quality of life in your residence halls and avoid costly litigation. This handy resource details 40 effective techniques colleges and universities have used to solve student conduct problems on and off campus.
50 More Practical Ways to Address Student Conduct on Campus Beyond the Classroom: Accommodating Students with Disabilities in Higher Education
Price: $21.95
Price: $23.45
When faced with a student conduct problem, the more strategies you have to choose from, the more likely you are to prevent bad behavior – and the student’s suspension or expulsion. As more students with disabilities choose to live on college campuses, understanding housing accommodations is key to maintaining ADA compliance, avoiding costly lawsuits and designing appropriate residence facilities.
College Residence Halls: Crime Prevention and Fire Safety Crisis on Campus: Preparing For and Dealing With Disasters and Violence
Price: $34.50
Price: $32.75
When students become the victims of campus crimes or residence hall fires, the media swoops in. Colleges are vulnerable to a wide range of unexpected crises, from natural disasters to student deaths.
Free Speech on Campus: A Legal Review From Enrollment to Student Affairs: Savvy Ideas to Generate Revenue and Save Money for Your Campus
Price: $24.75
Price: $29.95
This 66-page pamphlet is a practical overview of how the courts have rules on campus free speech issues and what the decisions mean for your institution. From nontraditional programs and alumni relations to enrollment, HR and more, you get real-life examples of how institutions have raised new funds or slashed costs — without sacrificing programs or personnel.
Getting Results! A Guide to Managing Resources in Student Affairs In a Tight Spot: Campus Parking Solutions and Commuting Alternatives
Price: $58.00
Price: $19.75
This one-of-a-kind book gives student affairs administrators guidance on how to manage finances, personnel and more — so you become a leader on your campus. Parking is a problem on almost every college campus.
Judicial Complaint Resolution Models for Higher Education: An Administrator's Reference Guide Mastering Mediation: A Guide for Training Mediators in a College and University Setting
Price: $29.75
Price: $87.50
Finally, a step-by-step look at how to structure judicial disciplinary proceedings on campus. Mediation is a quick, cost-effective way to resolve disputes.
Sexual Assault on Campus: A Guide for Prevention and Response Student Centered Operations: A Guide to Building, Implementing, & Improving One-Stop Shops
Price: $29.75
Price: $23.95
Rapes occur with frightening frequency on college campuses devastating the victims, cultivating fear, and attracting negative media attention and costly lawsuits. Making the move to one-stop student services is daunting.
The Law and Your Campus: What Student Affairs Professionals Need to Know The Student Affairs Handbook: Translating Legal Principles into Effective Policies
Price: $29.75
Price: $68.95
As a campus leader, you're confronted with a host of student-related issues that must be handled correctly to avoid investigations or lawsuits down the road. In our increasingly litigious society, student affairs professionals are being held accountable for their policies and practices by students, parents and the courts.
Violent Crime: What's Happening on Campuses and How Colleges Respond
Price: $49.95
This practical pamphlet explores recent campus events - what happened, how the college responded, and steps colleges are taking to prevent similar violence.