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Campus Safety & Security: Forms, Checklists & Guidelines - Third Edition College Residence Halls: Crime Prevention and Fire Safety
Price: $124.50
Price: $34.50
The brand-new Third Edition of Campus Safety & Security: Forms, Checklists & Guidelines offers the tools you need for establishing sound policies to make your campus safer for students, staff and visitors. When students become the victims of campus crimes or residence hall fires, the media swoops in.
Crisis on Campus: Preparing For and Dealing With Disasters and Violence Curb Campus Drinking: 20 Prevention Strategies that Work
Price: $32.75
Price: $17.85
Colleges are vulnerable to a wide range of unexpected crises, from natural disasters to student deaths. Based on the environmental management approach, this how-to pamphlet organizes, into five categories, 20 strategies colleges used to effectively curb student drinking.
Limiting Liability on Campus: An Administrator's Guide to Identifying and Avoiding Risk Proactive Policing: Strategies for Campus Law Enforcement
Price: $27.50
Price: $24.95
Limiting Liability on Campus reviews the critical areas where colleges face potential liability -- so you can spot weaknesses in your programs and policies. This pamphlet shows your campus law enforcement agency how to bridge the gap between traditional policing styles and modern security techniques - so your campus can adapt a proactive approach to its policing methods.
Sexual Assault on Campus: A Guide for Prevention and Response Terrorism and the Campus
Price: $29.75
Price: $24.95
Rapes occur with frightening frequency on college campuses devastating the victims, cultivating fear, and attracting negative media attention and costly lawsuits. Since September 11, homeland security has been increasingly heightened.
The Law and Your Campus: What Student Affairs Professionals Need to Know Violent Crime: What's Happening on Campuses and How Colleges Respond
Price: $29.75
Price: $49.95
As a campus leader, you're confronted with a host of student-related issues that must be handled correctly to avoid investigations or lawsuits down the road. This practical pamphlet explores recent campus events - what happened, how the college responded, and steps colleges are taking to prevent similar violence.