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11 Federal Laws Every Campus Enrollment and Admissions Official Needs to Know 25 Ways to Recruit and Retain Minority Students
Price: $24.95
Price: $22.95
Written specifically for enrollment and admissions officials, this quick-reference tool cuts through the legalese to ensure you understand — and comply with — the 11 key laws that impact decisions you make every day. Recruiting and retaining minority students is a challenge at every institution.
42 Successful Strategies for Improving Student Retention 46 Tips and 50 More Tips to Recruit and Retain Adult Students
Price: $16.95
Price: $36.00
This must-read pamphlet details 42 essential strategies to help you keep your students in school — and on track for finishing their degrees. A number of challenges exist in getting adults students in the door of your institution, as well as keeping them there.
46 Tips to Recruit and Retain Adult Students 50 More Tips to Recruit and Retain Adult Students
Price: $18.95
Price: $19.95
On today's college campuses, nearly half of the students enrolling are adults - but nearly one-third of those adults will drop out before graduation. Nearly half of all college students are adults who already have hectic lives.
Avoiding Legal Landmines: What Enrollment Managers Must Know Embrace the Oxymoron: Customer Service in Higher Education
Price: $17.25
Price: $39.95
In enrollment, you encounter legal issues simply carrying out your everyday job duties. Quality customer service can increase your enrollment and retention. And poor customer service is one of the top reasons students leave a college.
Exceed Recruitment and Retention Goals Without Breaking the Bank: 150 Affordable Ideas From Enrollment to Student Affairs: Savvy Ideas to Generate Revenue and Save Money for Your Campus
Price: $23.95
Price: $29.95
Enrollment managers are under intense pressure to recruit a diverse student population and ensure their retention through graduation. From nontraditional programs and alumni relations to enrollment, HR and more, you get real-life examples of how institutions have raised new funds or slashed costs — without sacrificing programs or personnel.
Make Your Web Site Work: Research and Guidance for Effective Recruiting Retention Strategies That Work: Taking College Students With Disabilities From Access to Success
Price: $32.50
Price: $26.95
This must-have resource provides research-based recommendations for the management, design, navigation and interactivity of your college or university Web site. Individual chapters zero in on major retention issues, helping you create a comprehensive approach to keeping students enrolled.
The Admissions Process: Guidance for Section 504 and ADA Compliance The Registrar's Companion: An Overview of the 11 Federal Laws Every Registrar Should Know
Price: $26.45
Price: $24.95
This easy-to-read resource will guide your staff in dealing with enrollment issues involving students with disabilities. The Registrar's Companion gives you an overview of the top 11 federal laws you encounter every day.
What Does Customer Service Have to Do With Enrollment? Frequently Asked Questions for Higher Education Administrators What Would You Do? A Registrar's Guide for Challenging Situations
Price: $21.90
Price: $24.85
In today’s economically depressed market, more institutions are fiercely competing for a shrinking number of students. As a university registrar, you don’t usually have the luxury of conferring with your peers at other institutions when a problem arises … until now.