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13 Federal Laws Every Dean and Provost Needs to Know 30 Proven Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Faculty
Price: $24.95
Price: $16.95
13 Federal Laws Every Dean and Provost Needs to Know is packed with answers to your most challenging legal questions about critical federal laws and programs, as well as expert explanations of how these laws impact institutions like yours. With an increasingly competitive higher education market — and large numbers of faculty retirements — your college or university must be proactive to attract and keep the best professors.
Embrace the Oxymoron: Customer Service in Higher Education From Baby Boomers to New Technologies: The Dean and Provost's Guide to Implementing Change Involving Faculty
Price: $39.95
Price: $24.25
Quality customer service can increase your enrollment and retention. And poor customer service is one of the top reasons students leave a college. As a dean or provost, you are responsible for leading change that will keep your institution competitive and its procedures efficient and profitable.
Getting Results! A Guide to Managing Resources in Student Affairs Lead Through Difficult Situations: Solutions to 50 Challenges Deans and Provosts Face
Price: $58.00
Price: $31.95
This one-of-a-kind book gives student affairs administrators guidance on how to manage finances, personnel and more — so you become a leader on your campus. As an academic leader, you deal with the most challenging situations that students and faculty on your campus present.
Limiting Liability on Campus: An Administrator's Guide to Identifying and Avoiding Risk Mastering Mediation: A Guide for Training Mediators in a College and University Setting
Price: $27.50
Price: $87.50
Limiting Liability on Campus reviews the critical areas where colleges face potential liability -- so you can spot weaknesses in your programs and policies. Mediation is a quick, cost-effective way to resolve disputes.
Partnering for Success: How to Build Strong Internal Collaborations in Higher Education Tenure: A Legal Review
Price: $23.95
Price: $24.75
With so many demands placed upon colleges and universities, the need is growing for an organizational environment that allows the higher education infrastructure and student body to co-exist and co-create supportive systems through collaboration. Tenure: A Legal Review provides you with an easy-to-understand overview of how the courts are ruling on today’s tenure-related cases.
The Dean's Mentor: Leadership Advice and Problem Solving Strategies The Essential Fundraising Guide for Deans and Directors in Higher Education
Price: $87.45
Price: $31.95
Whether you’re a new dean dealing with unfamiliar issues, or an experienced dean looking for fresh ideas, The Dean’s Mentor is your guide to doing your job more effectively and gaining the respect of your unit as well as your provost. Learn how to meet - and exceed - your division’s fundraising goals with this dynamic new guide.
When to Sue Donors: Guidance and Strategy on Legal Issues in Fund Raising
Price: $24.50
If you are involved in fund raising or alumni-related activity, When to Sue Donors: Guidance and Strategy on Legal Issues in Fund Raising is your must-have resource.