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2017 Federal Personnel Guide 2017 Federal Retirement Guide
Price: $21.95
Price: $19.95
A new year will mean new rules and regulations affecting YOU and YOUR career. Retirement is a process … with specific actions and calculations that change as you move along the path.
2018 Federal Manager's Guide® 2018 Federal Personnel Guide
Price: $32.95
Price: $21.95
As a federal manager or supervisor in today’s climate, you’ve got big responsibilities. A new year will mean new rules and regulations affecting YOU and YOUR career.
2018 Federal Retirement Guide A Step-by-Step Guide to Handling Federal EEO Challenges
Price: $20.95
Price: $58.85
Retirement is a process … with specific actions and calculations that change as you move along the path. Are you new to the EEO field?
Accommodation or Discipline? Responding to Substance Abuse Issues in the Federal Workplace Actions That Make a Difference: Preventing and Responding to Harassment in Your Agency
Price: $284.50
Price: $284.50
Drug and alcohol use and abuse — it’s a challenge that anyone in a supervisory or management role will have to face. Gain valuable insights from Sam Vitaro, whose experiences as a former MSPB AJ and arbitrator give him a unique view of the EEO process and how agencies handle harassment -- for better or worse.
Addressing Hostile Work Environment Claims: Your Agency's Q&A Guide Addressing Poor Performance in the Federal Workplace: A Guide for Managers
Price: $34.95
Price: $26.75
Awards against federal agencies in hostile work environment claims are huge. Are you next to pay? This 47-page pamphlet gives HR personnel and supervisors practical advice to manage poor performers and details how to use training, counseling and mentoring to help the employee improve.
Alleged Misconduct: Performing Fair, Defensible Investigations in the Federal Workplace Alternative Discipline and Federal Employees: Creating Win-Win Solutions
Price: $280.50
Price: $280.50
Investigating alleged employee misconduct offers countless opportunities for missteps. Discover creative ways to deal with problem employees — and spend less time defending disciplinary actions.
Alternative Discipline in the Federal Workplace: Crafting Solutions That Work Approving or Denying Federal Employees’ FMLA – Who, Why & How
Price: $284.50
Price: $284.50
Alternative discipline does more than give you another way to resolve tough employee situations ... it can also minimize workplace disruption, cut the time you spend defending disciplinary actions and limit the risk of third-party litigation. Get expert insight from attorney Robin Wink as she gets you current on the law and takes you step-by-step through analyzing situations so you can properly determine an employee’s eligibility for leave.
Avoidable Mistakes That Destroy Your Agency's Adverse Actions Avoiding Retaliation for Previous EEO Activity
Price: $284.50
Call toll-free 1-800-341-7874
Avoid the mistakes commonly made on adverse actions with guidance from Robert Erbe, an experienced labor and employment law litigator who has seen firsthand all the disastrous missteps agencies commit when drafting adverse actions. This course is designed to explain how the basic legal concepts of employment discrimination, are applied in the areas of reprisal-based disparate treatment and harassment, as well as per se violations of the law against retaliation.
Barbara Haga Presents ... Managing Employee Leave Issues in the Federal Workplace - Volume 1 Beyond Douglas: Penalty Determinations Done Right
Price: $179.00
Price: $284.50
Together, these two videos are your cure for chronic problems — and confusion — when dealing with the many types of leave available to federal employees. When determining a penalty it’s important to take the Douglas factors into consideration, but your decisions must extend beyond them as well.
Beyond the Basics: Reasonable Accommodation Guidance for Federal Agencies' Real-Life Challenges Beyond the Obvious: Accommodating Federal Employees With Hidden Disabilities
Price: $284.50
Price: $284.50
Because each accommodation request must be evaluated on an individual basis, it often raises questions that are not easily answered. In 90 minutes they'll give you the practical guidance and accommodation strategies you need to make sound decisions involving employees with hidden disabilities.
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