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Division in the Ranks: A Corrections Guide to Staff Unity How to Develop Quality Management Systems in Your Correctional Facility
Price: $19.25
Price: $32.50
Division among your staff detracts from the safety of employees and prisoners. Find out -- step-by-step -- how to integrate structure, purpose and accountability into your management systems.
The Twenty Minute Trainer Wake Up and Smell the Contraband: A Guide to Improving Prison Safety: Second Edition
Price: $37.50
Price: $24.95
The demands on your corrections staff are constantly changing - and so is the training they need to master essential job skills. Discover how simple it can be to control the flow of contraband in your facility -- without busting your budget or piling more responsibility on your already overburdened employees.
We Don't Have to Like Each Other, We Just Have to Work Together -- The Corrections Professionals' Guide to Improving Facility Operations
Price: $33.35
Find new ways to create a more rewarding work environment at your facility -- and how to unite your staff.